Universal Dispense Systems | Artisan Range
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Artisan Range

Artisan Font

The Artisan single font is available as a single, double tap specification.  Due to the innovative construction used variations of height are possible along with  a full range of finishes and branding options, making this Font the perfect choice for any outlet. Available in a full range of finishes.

Artisan Bridge

The bridge Font has been specifically designed to deliver the ability to have a Font with from 3 to 12 taps as standard on one Font (more taps are possible as a customer special order). Brand visibility is second to none with this design freeing up the bar surface and ensuring serving a pint is visible enhancing the customer experience. Available in a full range of finishes.

Artisan Air

This font has been designed to maximise tap density in  smaller/compact bar areas where space is at a premium without compromising style. Available in 2,3 and 4 tap configurations it can be supplied in  both left or right handed configurations and is available as clamp on or through the bar configuration, with front mounted round LED illumination or traditional non-illuminated round or oval badge holders with the option for standard or low profile version.