Universal Dispense Systems | Our Range
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Our Range

Learn about our history and work

Artisan Range

This new range of fonts has been specifically designed to meet the ever growing need  for brands to stand out from the crowd. Reflecting the heritage of both established and  craft brands along with providing stylish fonts that are at home in today`s market place. The full range of fonts is available as clamp on or through the bar configuration, with front mounted round LED illumination or traditional non-illuminated round or oval badge holders. The Artisan range of fonts is available with numerous tap configurations, heights and plated and painted finishes.

Should you require something different customer specific variations are available upon request.


Our comprehensive range of stylish fonts will deliver stand out in your venue and will deliver a point of difference that is demanded by consumers in today`s crowded market place. From the clean lines of the Eco Tube Font to the rugged industrial Gas Pipe Font there is something to fit every theme and concept. If you require a bespoke font, we are able to create customer specific designs to meet your requirements. The range of fonts is available as either clamp on or through the bar, with LED illumination and are available in a full range of finishes and branding options.


The UDS range of stainless steel taps is available in free-flow or with flow control capabilities.  All our taps are precision engineered using the highest quality materials and made in the UK at our purpose built production facility in London.

Fob Detectors

The cost effective UDS fob detector with its patented diaphragm technology reduces wasted beer – saves you money, is easy to install with minimum disruption and minimum maintenance. It has no moving ‘O’ rings and utilises a double diaphragm system which works by equalising the pressure in the fob chamber to lift the float. The FOB detector for the future!

Mobile Kart

The zeroK Kart mobile pouring system will dispense up to 6 pre-chilled kegs an hour, running from a 16A electrical mains power supply or generator. The system has been designed to pour consistently fast cold beer at any venue, where easy installation, minimal disruption and fast service is required. The simple design allows for quick, easy installation and is ready to pour cold refreshing beer within 30 minutes of power up. You only need to provide the gas bottles, kegs of beer and electrical supply and you have your own mobile, extra cold, fast pour dispense system.